How do I clean my vagina?

For women care intimate It’s one of the most important things that is why they are taught hygienic values ​​as they wax personally to avoid bad times, smells and why not flavors.

The vaginal area is one of the most sensitive, so you need to be careful not to get infected. This motivates all women to be careful when showering.

When cleaning, it should be remembered that the risk of irritation or changes in the pH of your skin is naturally reduced.

What do you need?

  • drinking water
  • PH neutral soap
  • chamomile

Steps to Clean Your Vagina

When you shower you have the above ingredients, they will moisturize yours vulva With the water, both inside and outside, you will take that Soap and you will create a foam with your hands and only apply it on the outside, then rinse with plenty of water.

The chamomile You will mix it with some warm water and strain it to avoid plant debris. Gently separate the lips from the vagina, apply them gently with a soft cloth, and then rinse.

In the end, your vagina will be completely clean and healthy. It is important that you do not react with chamomile and, if so, do not continue to apply this mixture.

Remember that your vagina has a natural odor that may not seem pleasant to you but to your partner, but you should take into account that if that odor becomes more bitter, you should see a doctor.

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