How do I clean Nintendo games?

Games for Nintendo were one of the first on the market, our great companions for afternoons and evenings. If nostalgia took you by surprise, you want to play again, but your cartridges are dirty and not working. We have the best cleaning solution to help you relive those times.

What will you need

How are you going to clean

  1. Use the Allen key to loosen the three screws on the back of the cartridge.
  2. Shake the metal cleaner container well before use.
  3. Put about 6 or 8 drops of the metal cleaner on the cloth.
  4. Clean the entire top of the board (connectors) until the dirt is completely removed. This can take a few minutes depending on how dirty it is. If no stain comes out, apply 2 drops directly to the connectors and wipe again. Make sure you clean both sides of the plate.
  5. In the container, dilute 5 drops of alcohol with 5 drops of water.
  6. Wet another part of the clean cloth with the mixture and repeat the previous process with the metal cleaner. This is to remove all dust and debris from the metal cleaner.
  7. Dry all connections with the clean, dry cloth so that it does not get damp.
  8. Put the plate back on and screw it back with the Allen key.
  9. For the cartridge case, spray Mr. Musculo, leave it on for a few minutes and remove it. Be careful not to damage the label.
  10. Put your cassette in the console and play again!

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