How do I clean or remove scratches from the phone screen?

The cell phone is a very useful element for everyday life in our society. Everyone has one, from adults to children. But after a long time, cell phones tend to look deteriorated and the screen is full of scratches or scratches. Follow our instructions to know how to remove them!

You need

Steps to follow

With toothpaste
Apply the toothpaste on your finger in a small amount and rub your finger on the screen of the cellphone to run it across the entire surface of the screen from one end to the other and then in the opposite direction so that it will somehow polished. Then we clean with a cloth until all of the applied toothpaste disappears.

With petroleum jelly
We dampen the cloth with a little petroleum jelly and apply it to the screen from one end to the other like the other method. Finally, we take a cotton ball with alcohol and clean it.

And done! The screen like new.

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