How do I clean or restore an SD card?

There are many types of Memory cards For example the SD (generally for digital cameras), the Mini-SD (it is practically obsolete because it has been replaced by the Micro-SD (it is used by cell phones or MP3, MP4, MP5 players, etc.). They serve for Save information Digital of different types, but if you delete all the files in it, there may be some used space that won’t show anywhere.

What does it take to clean an SD card?

SD card reader for all sizes or adapter for standard SD card. (Can be installed in the PC or externally via USB).

Steps to properly clean the SD card:

  • Insert the card in the SD card reader Correspondent.
  • Click on “begin“, Then in”My pc”.
  • When you’re done, click symbol Removable medium.
  • Click on “format”, Found in the menu and a new window It will open with formatting options.
  • Make one Backup in the data you want to save in the SD card since at format it All this data will be deleted.
  • Click on “AcceptAnd the computer remove automatically all in the map SD.

This way, your SD card will be clean and restored to the way it was shipped from the factory.

For more information, see the video below:

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