How do I clean pewter items?

Tin is a malleable and durable material that gradually acquires a characteristic patina that makes it a very interesting material. In the market we can find it for making ornaments, jewelry and even tableware.
With the passage of time that characterizes your pewter objects, today I offer you the simple and quick solution to restore them without investing in expensive products.

– – Soap (Click here for all the information about your materials.)
– Water.
– – Rag (Click here for all the information about your materials.)

How are you going to proceed?
This is the easiest way to go about it. You take your tin object and clean it very well with a cloth, soap and water. Rub the entire area very well.
In an instant you can see the brightness reappear.
In this simple and inexpensive way, we have regained the insurmountable sheen of this material. Hope you implement it and your pewter shines the way it should!

For more information, see the following video:

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