How do I clean shoes in a washing machine?

Despite the fact that most shoe manufacturers recommend not to wash shoes in the washing machine, many people use this method as this device gives them the ease in cleaning their shoes.

Remember that if you do this incorrectly, both your washing machine and your shoes will have serious consequences. That is why we recommend that you choose carefully which shoes you want to wash in your washing machine.

The following shoes cannot be washed in the washing machine:

  • Cloth shoes
  • Suede shoes
  • Leather shoes
  • Silk shoes
  • Dress boots

The ideal shoes for washing in the washing machine are sports shoes. It is therefore highly recommended to wash any shoe of this type, regardless of the brand.


What do you need to clean them in a washing machine?

  • Liquid detergent (powder detergent can get stuck in parts of the shoe that cannot be removed later)

Step by step

First you need to remove everything from the shoe (inserts, braids, and other accessories that you think fit). Then remove as much dirt as the shoes (if there is dirt or mud it is advisable to brush it off). Otherwise it could get stuck in the washing machine and damage it.

Once this is done, put the shoes separately in a mesh bag or pillowcase (this in case you want to wash them with your clothes) and put them in the washing machine. You add the liquid detergent and the washing machine does the rest of the work.

It is advisable to wash in the cold water system and ignore the spinning step as excessive heat can damage some elements of the shoe such as glue or accelerate the breakdown of the material they are made of.

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