How do I clean the cabin of a commercial aircraft after a flight?

Did you know that the exact way an airliner is cleaned depends on the model of the aircraft, whether it is a long or short haul flight and how long it stays on the ground, the time of arrival and weather conditions and rush hour play also has a role in the process, says Adam Taylor, executive vice president of Air Serv, a company that provides flight services including cleaning.

Worth knowing: “It normally takes two hours to clean a Lufthansa A380 when eight people change shifts at Frankfurt Airport,” says Taylor.

Domestic flights only have 40 minutes to complete the surface cleaning of the aircraft or airplane. Under these circumstances, commercial airlines perform a thorough cleaning of the aircraft. You focus on priority areas; In other words, first class rather than economy class. As well as in the area where groceries and bathrooms are stored.

The rest of the areas of the aircraft are superficially and quickly cleaned, the floor, the seats vacuumed, the garbage left by the passengers collected, the folding tables cleaned with an antibacterial solution and the bathrooms.

If an aircraft has to stay overnight at the airport, the cleaners have the option to do a more thorough, higher quality cleaning. After having 5 hours to do the cleaning, according to Adam Taylor.

They lather and scrub the booth. They usually do it on a rotation basis. In addition, special attention must be paid to the bathrooms because they are small, but they are used very often. If not cleaned properly, they will smell foul on the plane. If the toilets are not emptied, the extra weight can cause the aircraft to use more fuel, thereby increasing flight costs.

Some commercial aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing, have included in their designs the “Blue Water” circulation system, a very powerful chemical component that can break down waste and significantly reduce its volume. However, cleaning the bathroom is always necessary to avoid bad smells from the bathrooms on the airplane in terms of the air and water quality in the travel cabin.

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