How do I clean the case of a BlackBerry 9530?

BlackBerry is a range of smartphones developed by the Canadian company Research In Motion that integrate mobile e-mail.
If you want to clean the inside of the case on your BlackBerry 9530, today I am bringing you the procedure so that you can easily disassemble it

– Screw (or screwdriver) T nº6

How are you going to proceed?
Step 1: Remove the battery cover from the BlackBerry.
Step 2: Remove the battery and chip.
Step 3: Remove the sticker covering the screws.
Step 4: Take off the back of the BB by pulling it from the center.
Step 5: Remove the camera part from the phone and gently pull it out of the center.
Step 6: Remove the screws that are in the center of the BB.
Step 7: Remove the screws from the top of the BlackBerry.
Step 8: Remove the gold screws on the lower front of the BB.
Step 9: First, take off the back, then remove the screen from the phone.
Step 10: Clean the case with alcohol.
Step 11: REASSEMBLY, placing the last part we took out first.
Step 12: When you assemble the body and place the screws you will need to first put one of the gold pieces you removed and the one on the opposite end of the same gray.

SMART! Now the case of your BB 9530 is clean!
If you have any questions, watch the video below, which perfectly explains the procedure you need to follow:

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