How do I clean the doll clothes?

Barbies and dolls don’t go out of style, they were and always will be in our homes. The problem is that they can collect a lot of dust and cleaning is not always easy. The dolls clothes are delicate and run the risk of losing their color.

The cleaning of Barbies and dolls depends a little on the material they are made of, how old they are and what accessories you bring with you, such as feathers, rhinestones or lace. If it only contains dust, it is best to dry wash the doll. However, if we do decide to wet them, we will try not to use chlorine or an abrasive that is too strong.

Step by step to clean Barbie’s or doll’s clothes

Cleaning supplies: Water, sponge, detergent, shampoo, conditioner, comb, alcohol, bath soap, cotton.

Cleaning the clothes of barbie or dolls

  • The body: Moisten a sponge with water and add a few drops of liquid detergent. Clean every part of the barbie or doll’s body until it has a lot of foam to remove dirt well. For stubborn stains, you need to use alcohol with the help of a cotton ball and rub it gently until the stain is removed or eliminated. Then rinse the entire doll with clean cold water.
  • Hair: Moisten the doll’s hair and apply 2 drops of hair shampoo, using gentle circular motions so that it does not become too tangled. Then rinse it out until there is no more foam. Apply the conditioner in a circular motion, being careful not to pull out too many.
  • Clothes: Wash the doll’s clothes with some bath soap and cold water to keep them from losing their color and remaining.

This video will teach you how to repair, repair, restore, and maintain your American Girl doll’s hair, and how to clean your doll’s body.

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