How do I clean the handle of a tennis racket?

For aesthetic reasons, many tennis racket handles are white which is very easy to see, but they have one big problem, they get dirty easily and they are fragile; You can ruin it if you don’t clean it carefully. To avoid complications, you can buy a black handle or handle cover that can be easily changed. However, if you don’t like it and you like bright handles, here’s what I recommend you do.

First and foremost, it is very important not to use alcohol as it will render the handle unusable. To properly and carefully clean the handle of a tennis racket, we will need:

  1. laundry detergent
  2. Water.
  3. A brush with soft bristles

Steps to follow:

  • The detergent must be distributed (in small quantities) over the handle.
  • Then go over it gently with the damp brush (remember the handles are delicate and can tear very easily).
  • It is necessary to dry the cleaned area well with a cloth and leave it to rest in time before using it, as the handles absorb water. If you’re playing a game of tennis after cleaning your grip, you may be bothered by the constant splash of water.

Learn more in the video below:

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