How do I clean the outside of a netbook?

The outer part of our pc is constantly exposed to dirt because it is always exposed.

To clean it you will need:


-Ammonia-free multi-purpose cleaning fluid

-Paper towels

Surely they will be exposed to different types of stains. Some come off very easily if you just use the cloth. In other cases you need to use the additional element just mentioned.

– If you clean the entire surface, as paper towels are generally used, the fences will need to be renewed so that the dirt that has accumulated does not re-impregnate your netbook. With these liquids and the paper towel, the pc will be like new.

-It is important that you do not wait for your equipment to get dirty to clean it, but that you do so from time to time.

– Always try to keep it in a suitcase that you can buy at any device market.

– Try not to consume food or drink near the device

– Try not to leave the device outdoors. As we keep it unprotected, more and more dust builds up and it becomes harder to remove with the minutes.

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