How do I clean the pedal of a battery?

Musical instruments are always made of metals that need to be kept in good condition and parts that need to be cared for, cleaned, adjusted, etc. Drums are one of the most complete, largest, and most inconvenient instruments to maintain. Inside, the pedal is definitely the most difficult item to clean.

What do we need?

  1. Microfiber fabric
  2. Flannel or rag
  3. Penetrating oil
  4. Virulana
  5. Metal polisher

First step:

  • Clean the pedal with a microfiber cloth after use. Immediately wipe up any water or other liquid spilled on the pedal to prevent future rust problems.

Second step:

  • Clean stubborn dirt with a damp microfiber cloth. Then dry it.

Third step:

  • Polish rusted areas with virulana or steel wool.

Fourth step:

  • Lubricate all moving parts of the pedal with penetrating oil. This will keep the pedal from squeaking and allow you to work more efficiently.

Fifth step:

  • Walk the pedal with a clean cloth.

Enjoy your instruments, keep them in good condition, and follow these tips. For more information, see the following video:

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