How do I clean the skates?

If you are a lover of roller skates, you should know that you need to clean them properly in order to maintain them as it will improve yours camp and the slide it creates so you can go faster, otherwise this one annoying Problems for you to use.

Use products from quality and specialized, they are the best combination to make your shoe on wheels last longer than you need to be focus especially in the entire mechanized part.

What do you need?

  • Lubricating oil
  • Cleaning cloth
  • water
  • liquid soap
  • baking powder

Steps to clean the skates

We’ll start with removing the Shoelaces Go to the skate and open it completely to ventilate it with a damp cloth. We’re going to clean the entire part of the boot and iron.

We’re going back to moisturizebut this time with soap and water to remove all stains, then we wipe again but dampened with water to remove the soap.

When we have ours roller skates Purely from impurities, we proceed to the most important part, the iron and the wheels. We have to pull out the wheels weekly and put them in place with their respective axles.

With the rag we clean the entire wheel and the hole it is hooked in, in addition to spraying some lube oil and then installing it in its place. We have to adjust them correctly so that they don’t twist and stay in the correct position.

Skate camps are a must to clean up every 3 or 4 months because if we let them get too dirty they can malfunction or just damage them and leave them unused. We use a cloth for cleaning humidity and a little water to remove the dirt, then they are dried, lubricated and installed, always checking that they spin without problems.

We clean the shields too Soap and waterAlways pay attention to the excesses to avoid some rust from appearing cleaning They should dry very well.

As a guide, it is important that you check your skate’s brakes and wear. You can rotate them so they don’t end on one side. When you complete this, your skates will be like new and ready to use.

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