How do I clean the slim Playstation 2 lens?

In order for our Playstation to function perfectly, the lens must be cleaned so that no dirt accumulates on it. This can have consequences. So here I brought you a tutorial on how to clean our lens.

– Isopos
– Alcohol (click here and get all the info about your materials)
– Can of compressed air

How are you going to proceed?

Step 1: Take out the small plastics that are on the tips of the PS2

Step 2: Remove a sticker that is over the screws inside and laugh at them with the help of a screwdriver to make sure you don’t lose them.

Step 3: Carefully rotate the Playstation and detach it from the cover by lifting it up and gently pushing towards the side of the joystick sockets.

Step 4: Moisten the swab (if you don’t have a swab, consider rolling a little cotton in a toothpick) with alcohol. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption and drops.

Step 5: Thoroughly clean all metal parts.

Step 6: Whenever you turn the swab or look for a new one, dry off any parts that you previously cleaned.

Step 7: Very gently clean the lens with a little alcohol on the swab, then dry it in the same way as you did the metal parts.

Step 8: If you have a can of compressed air, use it to dry the areas you have cleaned.

Step 9: Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll need to reassemble your PS 2 and put the cover, screws, and the little plastic inside back on.

SMART! Your Playstation 2 is clean and works perfectly!

If you have any questions here is a video that explains it perfectly, I hope it helps!

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