How do I clean the toilet with Coca-Cola or Soda?

The bathroom is without a doubt the most bacteria-rich place in the house. We wash there all the time and when we have an accident we run to the bathroom to solve it. But in the bathroom there is one place that is even more contaminated because it receives the worst load: the toilet.

Our waste not only contaminates the toilet, it also makes it dirty over time. If we don’t keep cleaning them, it can lead to a myriad of diseases, especially if you accidentally have children or dogs in the house, or willingly put your hands, legs, mouths and snouts in the water that collects in the toilet.

No matter how much we want and use products that promise miracles, it is impossible to keep them 100 percent bacteria free. However, it is possible to keep it hygienic and visually presentable for safe use so that it doesn’t look like a gas station toilet.

The method that we present below serves more than anything to lighten the toilet of that terrible tartar circle in various shades of brown that forms inside the standing water. However, it also leaves your toilet sanitized so that it is safe to use today.

Cleaning the toilet with Coca Cola is one of the easiest, safest, and cheapest methods. The acidity of soda, obtained from the phosphoric and carbonic acids that give it its characteristic bubbles, helps remove the tinder from the toilet, and the caffeine it contains helps disinfect the toilet.

What will you need

  • Coca Cola (depending on the size of your toilet, you may need 1 to 2 cups of Coca Cola or other dark soda)
  • Toilet bowl cleaning brush

How do I proceed?

Gently pour whatever cola or soda you have into the toilet, making sure to completely cover the stains and scale ring.

Let the Coca Cola sit for at least an hour and a half without moving or using the toilet.

Put on your cleaning gloves.

Then dampen the toilet brush and scrub the stains and the scale ring. Everything will come out immediately.

Remember to run the brush around the inside of the toilet.

Then pull the lever on the toilet and let the water remove the dirt that you just cleaned.

Rinse the toilet brush.

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