How do I clean the Xbox 360 hard drive?

If you plan to sell your Xbox 360, you should format the hard drive on your Xbox 360 to delete any stored files, including profile information, games, or videos. And if you haven’t already followed this step but need to free some space to store games or other programs, you can still follow their instructions.

Turn on the Xbox 360 and access the master account. Make sure there are no discs in the tray before proceeding.

Go to the “System” section in the Xbox 360 UI and scroll right to the “Storage” section, select the storage area by pressing the “A” key, then scroll down to the “Storage Devices” option. Memory “Press the” A “key and a new menu will appear.

Choose Hard Drive from the Storage Devices menu and press the Y key to display the Device Options section. Select the “Format” option. A message will ask if you are sure and it will remind you that formatting the hard drive will erase all of its contents. Select “Yes” from the menu and press “A” again to confirm. The formatting process takes a few minutes, depending on the amount of data on the hard drive.

Although all of the information on your profile has been deleted, your username and results will still exist and can be restored in another console by entering the User Settings option and selecting Restore My Profile. You can also sign in to the Xbox official website and view your profile.

If you don’t want to lose all information but just want to free up some space, you can follow the instructions below:

Enter system through the UI and go to Storage. Select the drive that you want to clean. In this case, it is the hard drive. Keep in mind that Xbox 360 supports multiple hard drives and even USB stick connection. So make sure you have selected the correct option.

Under “Device Options” you can select to view everything that you have saved in this device. It is displayed sorted by folder. Enter games and you’ll see all the information about your games: the programs, if you’ve downloaded them and saved them to your hard drive; as well as the user information for this game: these are the files that contain your score, progress, and achievements.

Decide what to delete. You press options and enter delete. You can also move it to another drive if you want, which will free up space without losing any files.

This video shows you how to format your Xbox 360 hard drive

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