How do I clean up my Gmail inbox?

Gmail is one of the most popular email services in the world and is the most widely used by people thanks to its capacity of up to 15GB that is well used by its users. But sometimes our inbox gets full due to negligence or lack of time, which affects our skills in Gmail.

Next, we’re going to give you four tips so that you can clean up your Gmail inbox and not have problems reclaiming space in your email.

This first step is to remove heavy emails that are considered very heavy. What you have to do is write the word sizefollowed by the number of megabytes of email that you think are heavy.

  • Example: Size: 10MB As you write this, these emails weighing more than 10 megabytes will appear in your inbox and you will have the option to delete them from your email.

This second step is important to proceed with deleting email when you are looking for email that is more than a year old. Write older than: #, where the number you want to replace is replaced with a number that indicates the age of those emails.

  • Example: older_dann: 2 If you write this, we will filter e-mails that are older than two years and are still stored in your e-mail. This trick allows you to delete any old email that you didn’t even know you had.

This third step is the combination of the first two so that you can delete old and heavy email on your Gmail account. You have to write greater: #m older_ than: #yreplacing the first number with the number representing the size and the number where you want to put the age number of the email.

  • Example: Larger: 10 m older_ than: 2 years. As you write this, you will see emails that are more than 10 megabytes in weight and that were received more than two years ago. By doing this step you will clean a large part of your drawer and free up a lot of space.

This step is to delete the emails that have a file attached that are taking up a lot of space in our inbox. Written has attachmentThese emails are filtered in the inbox so you can delete the heaviest emails you have.

  • These tricks must be used in the Gmail search engine
  • To avoid inconvenience with the storage space of your email, it is important that you delete the emails that are no longer important to you

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