How do I clean windows at great heights?

Cleaning windows and glass is very difficult in both a private household and a company or office building because the windows are exposed to many adversities that prevent them from being kept clean.

Since it is a complicated task, we’re going to share some tools to get it as a mirror.

First of all, the height and accessibility of the building to be cleaned must be determined. For heights over two meters, there are various alternatives to achieve the desired finish, e.g. E.g .: using stairs for heights between 2.5 and 5 or 6 meters, use water systems that can reach up to 15 meters without breaking off the ground.

However, if they are more than 6 meters high, lifting cranes, gondolas and lowering must be used for higher heights if the windows inside the building cannot be cleaned.

For this reason there are machines that have been developed for this purpose. Among these we can mention the following:

If you need to clean at a certain height, elevators are a great alternative as they allow workers to control enough mobility to properly clean the surface.

The elevators used to perform this task are known by the following names and specific characteristics:

Self-propelled elevators

They favor the movement of the same from the surface. The use of these elevators is very useful when it comes to cleaning several meters high, as a single worker can operate them with a remote control.

Caterpillar lifts

They are used in hard-to-reach spaces as they allow access to uneven terrain such as gardens or places with stones.

Lifting cranes

They reach a remarkable height and have the opportunity to move several meters horizontally. This leads to an advantage if the distance from the vehicle to the room to be cleaned is sufficient.

Gondolas are platforms that are suspended in the air at a certain height above the ground from a structure that is usually a hoist that moves on rails.

In addition, the gondolas have several safety systems so that workers cleaning windows at height do not suffer breakdowns. However, it is always advisable to check the wiring and the locking and braking systems regularly.

The hanging technique is used to clean hard-to-reach glass and straps are used. The installation of the fall systems must be carried out by specialists, the ropes, straps, carabiners and attachment points must be approved. It is important to note that this cleaning technique is the most dangerous for the employee. Therefore, they need to know exactly the task to be performed and take the appropriate security measures so that nothing happens to them. If you want to learn more about cleaning glass at height, check out the video below.

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