How do I clear my WhatsApp cache and free up space?

Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging network in the planet, hence the most widely used by everyone when it comes to it communicate quickly and effectively.

This service allows us to share all of the things we do, say and even where we are, so we use a lot of space on our phone for operations.

Any data that you share or receive over the Internet Whatsappare stored in our devicewhat that does Cache have a large amount of data and take up more space than it should, adding to the slowness of ours Cell phone, mobile phone.

In computing, the cache is a short-lived memory that stores what the device needs to use immediately.

Clearing the cache isn’t very difficult, you don’t have to be an a specialist, but if you follow all the steps very carefully to achieve it.

Steps to clear the cache

Both in Android as in the system iosit is very easy when you just want to remove that Cache, enter settings, then do it click In Applications, you will see a screen showing all of the applications that you have installed Whatsapp and enter: Settings> Applications> WhatsApp.

Entering the specifications of our App, you will find out how big it is, what usage data and what CacheThere will also be a button that says if you want to delete itClick there and voila, the cache will be cleared.

If you want to save even more space, you can delete all data. Note, however, that if you do this, your application will restart and look like you are installing it for the first time.

As a tip, we recommend that you install a optimizerThese programs are very effective and will also help you solve problems, not just with Whatsapp, but with other programs.

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