How do I keep the office space clean?

Cleanliness is the key to a company’s image, because a clean environment is a comfortable environment within the company. An important factor that can stimulate the motivation and performance of the workforce and leave a good impression on suppliers, customers and business partners. It is also important for disease prevention.

Occupational health or health at work is the science and art of identifying, evaluating and controlling environmental factors that cause discomfort and can affect the wellbeing of workers and the general public. (Source: International Labor Organization)

Cleaning, on the other hand, is one of the best ways to identify a safe workplace. Good cleaning practice is not just cleaning once or twice a day, it is the result of the discipline of everyone working in that room to maintain it. clean and organized.

The Silestone Institute of Spain conducted a study of good hygiene practices and habits and wrote a decalogue of basic tips to make the bathroom a clean and healthy place. Here are some tips to help keep public office bathrooms clean:

  • Discharge Humid Air: Put an exhaust fan or a fan in the bathroom to expel humid air.
  • Getting rid of carpets or rugs: you only absorb the water from the floor, find another alternative so that the floor does not absorb the water.
  • Remove the Plants: Generally, the plants need watering, which keeps the soil moist. Plants are better from the bathroom.
  • Check the pipes for leaks or water leaks: If mold grows on the silicone gasket, it’s a common sign that moisture has gotten into it. Give it a try before the problem gets worse.
  • Wash your hands often, though
  • Keep the toothbrush in a place that is easy to dry and protected from dirt.
  • Use different bath towels: if parts of the body are very wet, we recommend changing them daily.
  • Keep the lid of the toilet closed: especially when flushing the water, as this action can contaminate the entire bathroom due to the effect of the air flow.

Although it can be inconvenient at first, staff need to be educated about the rules for using and cleaning the bathroom and other public areas. For example, women need to be careful with sanitary towels on certain days. In general, everyone should remember that after personal use someone else comes along and the idea is to get the bathroom in tip-top condition.

As an employer, you must also provide the necessary resources for the correct use of the bathroom. Make sure every bathroom has:

  • toilet paper
  • Flavoring agents
  • That the locks work perfectly
  • Garbage can
  • A poster with basic instructions for use
  • Soap in the sink

Also set up a cleaning routine according to traffic. If it is a heavily used bathroom that is open to the public, then your floors and sinks will certainly need constant cleaning. It’s going to need a manager to keep it clean. When traffic is much less, the frequency of cleaning can vary from a few times a day to a few times a week.

The cleaning team must have all the equipment they need to carry out their work, including warning signs for staff and the general public, so that while cleaning the bathroom it is clear that accidents are being avoided.

In your cleaning routine, you should pay special attention to the mirrors and sinks, which are usually the most different (or largest) in size from the bathrooms of houses and apartments.

Urinals in men’s bathrooms are cleaned like toilets: with disinfectant solution and a brush. Additionally, only a cloth should be used to ensure that they are dry on the outside.

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