How do I properly clean the anus after evacuation?

Intimate hygiene is one of the most important tasks for humans. If you do not do this, you will be harmed in many aspects that can negatively affect your everyday life. It is for this reason that cleaning the anus after each evacuation is important. Below are a number of very helpful recommendations on how to do this.

Although it is information that could be trivial or is already known to everyone. There are many cases of children and teenagers who sharing this article can save you from awkward conversations. It can also be helpful when we need to look after children or people of senile age.

What do you need to clean the anus after evacuation?

  • toilet paper
  • Wet wipes

Step by step

The first step is to take toilet paper. It is not necessary to use the entire roll for cleaning.

The second step takes place after the complete evacuation. You use the part of the toilet paper you think is appropriate and start cleaning the anus. Remember that the best way to clean the anus is by sitting and standing.

The third step is the most important as it is the part where the cleansing begins. It is advisable to do this with gentle front-to-back movements to avoid injuring yourself.

In the fourth step, make sure you have already done all of the cleaning without leaving any traces of evacuation.

In the fifth and final step, you can finish cleaning the anus with the wet wipes to avoid unpleasant irritation that can damage you while walking.

  • You can buy a soft toilet paper
  • You can also finish cleaning by bathing or washing your anus in a bidet or shower with plenty of soap and water.
  • The rubbing with the paper can cause scratches or small wounds. In this case, apply extreme cleaning measures and some healing cream.

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