How do I purify gold?

Gold jewelry and pieces of jewelry lose their shine over time, are no longer used and are neglected. In many families these are valuable legacies and indelible memories of previous generations. Because of this, the least possible thing is to pamper them a little and always keep them shiny in order to maintain them.

Fortunately, house cleaning tricks can go a long way in this regard. One of them is a classic in this spectrum: onion juice. Oddly enough, adding a little juice of these noble vegetables to your gold jewelry helps to make it look better. Let it work for a while, then buff it with a soft cloth.

Also, the ammonia trick usually works very well to keep your jewelry in perfect condition. For example, put your jewelry in hot water with a few drops of ammonia, let it soak, drain, dry and polish. You will see evidence of opacity being removed. A few drops of ammonia in one liter of hot water are enough to restore any gold jewel to its shine.

Toothpaste can help you. This trick works for gold, but also works for silver. You simply scrub with a soft brush and then rinse off with warm water. Then wipe with a cloth to finish the job and make your jewelry sparkle.

For more information, see the video below:

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