How do I remove scratches or scratches from the car?

There is nothing more annoying than a scratch on the paintwork of your car. However, they scratch Car paint is a surefire thing that even the most careful of drivers cannot avoid. But don’t worry, it can be easily repaired without going to the workshop. With these simple steps we will give you the solution to this problem. For a better result, avoid exposing the device to the sun.

The first step is to properly wash and dry the affected area of ​​the vehicle.

Later we will use a scratch remover pen or touch up brush that is exactly the color of the car. This point is very important, and this is why we shouldn’t buy a pencil that largely matches the paintwork of our car: it requires the exact same color of paintwork. You can go to an auto paint store and buy the exact pencil you need. Apply and wait a few hours.

Once a reasonable time has passed, Sand the scratch with 2000 grit sandpaper. Don’t worry if you see your car losing its shine as it is normal when sanding paint. So then apply a good polish or varnish with the help of a microfiber cloth and add a wax to protect the color.

Take into account that this trick won’t last forever and that over time the paint on your scratch removal pen will fade away. If so, go through the entire process again and your car will be like new again.

There are a variety of brands on the market that have made kits to repair scratches that haven’t been damaged after the last coat of paint. These kits generally contain a pen that fills the scratch with a quick-drying resin, a liquid compound that clears the paint and covers the scratch, and a buffing pen to keep the repair looking like new. However, when the scratch is deeper, slightly different kits are needed that contain pastes to make up for the damage, as well as other compounds that require a little more care, skill, and practice to apply.

It is the quickest and easiest remedy if your car has been the victim of a small scratch that only left traces of paint on the other car or object or at most has slightly damaged the transparent paint layer. The process is as simple as cleaning the area to be repaired and then applying the wax with a dry cloth. If the scratch doesn’t come off easily, don’t buff harder as you’ll only be damaging the area you want to repair and it will be different from the rest of the car and possibly worsen a small detail..

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