How do you clean and care for your moccasins?

Cleaning shoes can sometimes seem like a lot hard, especially those made of fabric or materials delicate as suede, before that we face a very exhausting task because we don’t want to damage it Material, but when we want them to look like new.

Lots of people love them and want to learn how to keep this type of Shoes and clean them so you can enjoy them for a long time. Unfortunately this one Shoes so especially do they also suffer from a very important deterioration like that Weather, Therefore we must follow procedures that are responsible for restoring quality Initial.

What do you need?

  • Wet wipes
  • ammonia
  • brush
  • water

Steps to follow

You should take this into account as soon as you start using this Footwear, They should be ventilated for at least 24 hours to avoid prolonged direct exposure to the sun Weather. This way the suede breathes, dries, but does not become stiff.

To the Save her You have to do it on paper Newspaper, This prevents them from losing their shape over time and also protects them from dust.

In case you have stained, Do not despair, it is very easy to cleanse. You just have to do it very carefully, using a damp baby wipe or a cloth in water with a drop of water ammonia and rub the shoe evenly when you reach disappear Let the stain dry in the shade.

If your shoes got dusty, you should only use a Brush, with soft bristles that won’t damage it Home page, Remember, this should always be done evenly one way and then the other.

To restore your shoe’s shine, you need to expose it to water vapor. However, without letting it get wet, the material softens and returns to its state as if it had just been purchased.

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