How do you clean the vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are one of the technological elements that help simplify our lives more and more. Enough brooms to clean surfaces with dust as this is where both the floor and carpets are cleaned.

The air used is a gas, a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and other secondary gases. To get the air out, the chest is contracted, creating an internal pressure that is slightly higher than the pressure of the outside air, and thus the trapped air is removed. Any pressure lower than atmospheric air pressure is called a vacuum. Soft vacuum refers to pressures that are slightly below atmospheric pressure. and high vacuum refers to pressure close to absolute zero.

It draws in atmospheric air through a pipe that carries dust and dirt with it. The air is drawn in and carried through a porous cloth or a disposable paper bag. Particles of dust or dirt are too large to get through the “pores” of the bag and are captured, collected and arranged in a simple and convenient manner.

It consists of a mechanical fan that creates the vacuum, a removable bag that is in front of the fan to collect or collect dust, a pipe or conduit that carries dust and air to the bag, and a bottom or one Support at the end of the fan The pipe should be guided over the mat, furniture or wall. The atmospheric air adjacent to the wearer is forced into the pipe by the pressure of the outside air.

This way the vacuum cleaner can do more than just brush the surface of the mat. The air sucked into the tube comes under the mat and out of the pillows.

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