How do you clean up gasoline or gasoline spills?

A car with a defect in the fuel tank may lose gasoline or gasoline in small quantities. The same thing can happen when we’re trying to get fuel from one car’s tank to fill another, or when we’re refilling gasoline at a gas station.

Spilled gasoline is often dangerous, and not just because of the risk of burns if it comes into contact with fire. but also because the spilled gasoline creates a highly explosive gaseous mass when it comes into contact with a spark or a heat source. Above or below the surface.

For this reason, in the event of a fuel spill, the first thing to do is to investigate the size and potential for spillage into other confined or hazardous areas. Check whether there are sewers or cracks in the ground, whether there is wind and especially vehicles, people or other sources of heat.

What do you need?

  • Sand for cats
  • A broom
  • One hand dustpan
  • plastic bags


Make sure the spill has stopped. When gasoline leaks out of a tank from a tank, it is important to ensure that it is empty as soon as possible and that it does not drip. If the spillage continues, the fire department should be called immediately.

Another action that needs to be articulated is the ventilation of the place. Let the air currents run so that gases, which, as mentioned above, are highly explosive, do not concentrate.

Spilled area must be evacuated. Make sure there are no people or animals nearby and prevent cars from starting on the edge of the vehicle.

Cover the area with sand to clear the spillage. It can be cat sand, not beach sand. Flour can work even if you don’t have sand. The idea is for the substance to absorb the liquid and the gases that are created, for which you need to let it sit for at least 20 minutes.

If the sand is already soaking up the spilled liquid, you should sweep it up and put it in a bag. Make sure that there are no sparks in the vicinity. Add more sand if you have and dispose of it in a safe place.

  • Never try to clean up the spill with water. Water can carry gasoline into sewers, where the gases generated can concentrate and cause explosions.
  • There are commercial products available that make fuels less effective if they are spilled. You can buy one and use it.
  • Remember that firefighters are the most qualified and trained agency to deal with medium or large-scale spills. Call them if you feel necessary without hesitation.
  • Oil stains can be treated in a similar way. However, engine oil is less flammable. Before adding the cat litter, you can clean the stain with detergent and water.

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