How do you keep your digital camera and lens clean?

The most common difficulty facing digital photographers is the appearance of dust on the camera sensor. As a result, macro particles of images that do not belong to the photo are observed in the photos, as these dark and scattered dust particles become visible in the light. tinted parts of the captured image.

Some people mistakenly believe that dust particles appear on photos due to dust on the translucent mirror, electronic viewfinder, or lens. However, dust on the translucent mirror or electronic viewfinder will not affect the final appearance of the final image. Usually the dust particles on the lens are very small and far from the focal point that can be seen in your photos.

We cannot completely prevent dust from entering the video camera, but we are going to provide some tips to reduce this risk that the company SONY offers on its web portal.

Turn off the camera before changing the lens. This reduces the static charge on the sensor and reduces the risk of attracting dust.

Make sure the back of the lens is clean and free of dust before mounting it on the camera. Use a lightbulb to remove dust and other particles that can scratch the glass. You can also use a damp microfiber cloth.

Do not leave the camera open for a long time with the lens barrel open. When removing the lens, put the cap on the camera or change the lens immediately.

If possible, change the lens in a dry environment that is free from dust or sand. When changing the lens, point the lens holder down to prevent dust from falling into the camera.

Keep the rear lens cap and camera cap clean and free of dust. When you mount the lens on the camera, you can attach the lens cap to the camera cap. This will prevent the caps from attracting dust or dirt, especially if they are kept in a camera bag.

Keep the camera case clean. You will be amazed at how much dirt and dust can accumulate on the case after prolonged use. Completely empty your suitcase and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. Be sure to remove all small accessories such as memory cards, additional covers, etc. from the housing before using the vacuum cleaner.

Many cameras today are equipped with the “clean sensor” function. I checked your model’s options menu and applied that option. This will vibrate the sensor a little, so the vibration will remove the dust.

Purchase a special camera bag or backpack when storing. Put it there and keep it closed. If you can, put the camera in a zippered plastic bag before putting it in the bag. Make sure you have removed the batteries.

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