How to clean or wash soft toys?

Who doesn’t or hasn’t had a teddy bear at home? These toys are excellent gifts for any child or adult and can be found in any home in any country in the world.
We care about them, we name them, but the problem arises when we need to clean them and we don’t know how to avoid it without damaging them.

For this reason, today I am bringing you an easy and quick way to keep our teddy bear in perfect condition, clean and perfumed for your first day.

– nylon stockings or panties.
– Washing machine

How are you going to proceed?

Step 1: In order not to lose the teddy’s accessories and not have to replace them with a new one, place the teddy bear in tights and tie a knot at one end so that it does not escape.
Step 2: Put the stuffed animal in the stocking in the washing machine and wash it as usual with each item of clothing.
Step 3: Take the teddy out of the stocking and squeeze the excess moisture from the previous one.
Step 4: Let the doll dry in the shade.

SMART! It’s that easy to keep your cuddly toys, and therefore their owners, clean and free of bacteria.

More information in the following video:

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