How to clean the newborn’s umbilical cord

The umbilical cord creates a connection between mother and baby and is responsible for delivering to the unborn baby the vitamins and proteins that it needs for optimal development throughout pregnancy. At birth, the cord must be cut to allow separation. Then the rest of the baby’s umbilical cord needs to be carefully handled so that it can take the shape of the typical umbilicus that we know.

What do you need?

Steps to clean the umbilical cord

We moisten the gauze with a little alcohol, very gently guide it through the entire cord and make small circular movements.

Then we use the swab to clean the smallest areas of the string and closest to the baby’s tummy to make sure we clean them well. With another gauze, we dry gently without leaving moisture, as this is one of the factors that can affect the delay in loss.

Finally, we put the diaper by folding it at the navel so that it is not covered and preventing it from getting wet if the diaper urine is as close to the open air as possible. If your baby cries when you clean them, it is simply because they are cold or not feeling well, but not feeling pain or burning in any way.

All of this maintenance should be repeated every time the baby’s diaper is changed until 7 or 10 days after birth, where the string naturally falls off. If your baby exceeds this number of days, you may notice redness, secretion of greenish secretions, blood, or a bad smell in the area. Do not hesitate to consult your pediatrician.

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