How to clean the tires or tires of your car

Sometimes, due to time constraints or negligence, we leave the tires or tires of the car completely standing and let the accumulated dust and dirt completely pollute that part of our car. Next, we’re going to give you a series of steps to clean your rubbers without paying for them.

  • You can clean the tires or tires of your car when they are fitted or removed
  • Perform this task after stopping your car for more than an hour
  • You will be machining a tire, wheel, or rubber separately

What do you need for this cleaning?

  • A cleaning cloth
  • A slide
  • Cleaning brush
  • water
  • Soap or detergent for tires or car tires

Step by step

The first thing you will do is wipe the rubbers off with a dry cleaning cloth. This way, you will remove all of the dirty product from the soil or mud. Then fill your slide with water and add the soap or detergent from the rims. You insert another cleaning cloth and wait until the cloth has completely absorbed the mixture.

Then wipe the cloth as many times as necessary until all of the dirt is removed. You can use the brush to get to the toughest spots so you can get an ideal clean.

You can also run the brush over the entire edge and thus strengthen the first pass with your cleaning cloth. After that, add water until you have removed the soap or product you were using and let the air allow the rubbers to dry.

You can finish off with applying a conditioner or gel for rims to finish buffing your tires and keeping some of their shine.

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