How to get rid of pigeons

Although the pigeons decorate the places in a very natural and fun way, they can become a big problem if their hangout is at home.

A large number of these birds can turn your everyday life into an ordeal, as you have to clean all the dirt and there is a risk of developing allergic diseases.

These animals seem to get along very well with people, they adapt to the environment and can even chase you only in exchange for food. The balconies or windows of your home can be turned into your new home and when it does, getting rid of them is not easy.

There are many who call them “winged rats” because they can reproduce quickly. in addition to the large parasitic numbers that they harbor in their small bodies.

To eradicate them, you need to follow the tips below.

How to get rid of pigeons

First of all, you need to eradicate food sources: seeds, crumbs or others, since they come mainly for feeding.

When they are nested, remove their nest and try to cover that space with what we mention below.

Install steel or plastic spikes to prevent them from accessing balconies or windows where they often nest. Like all animals, pigeons are territorial so you can use plastic animals which will lead them to believe that someone is already occupying this place.

To prevent them from entering, you can also put a metal ceiling or cover on, which makes it difficult for them to position themselves and they decide to go elsewhere.

If none of the above functions work, or you can’t implement them, just use buckets of water to scare them off. This is a simple method that you can use to scare them off and prevent them from coming back.

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