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Getting Ready to ROAR tonite Miami!! 🏳️‍🌈 📸   @lashesandswag  


Jonathan Van Ness

Warm up & soundcheck ✔️✔️ Two sold out shows tonite in Atlanta! See you tomorrow Miami 🏳️‍🌈

Atlanta, Georgia


Jonathan Van Ness

  @FreePeople   invited me to take part in their gorgeous partnership with   @bestfriendsanimalsociety   , and since raising rescue cats brings me the most joy of potentially anything I do, I am so happy to be part of this. For every comment on this post and on   @FreePeople   's post, Free People is going to donate a dollar to Best Friends Animal Society, to support their efforts to find a home for every shelter animal in the US. And who doesn’t love a gorgeous Free People sweater? 💕😽


Jonathan Van Ness

My body is warm & ready for a sold out show Charlotte!! See you tonite 🏳️‍🌈 Atlanta tomorrow first show is sold out - a few left for 1030 late show. Miami, Friday night there’s a handful of tix left. Orlando Saturday- first show is sold out, a few left for the late at 1030- Ticket link in bio   #roadtobeijing  


Jonathan Van Ness

On this weeks episode of   #GettingCurious   its TANNY   @tanfrance   where I’m asking him how much he misses me when we’re not together, his other projects, his book & his new gorgeous account   @shaded   - take a listen link in bio 🏳️‍🌈


Jonathan Van Ness

Dancing to these impeachment hearings like... J/K it’s actually with a very heavy heart as Speaker Pelosi said. To hear how brazenly this president compromises national security & the security of the world at large to serve his re election campaign is sickening. Do you remember the passenger jet that was shot out of the sky by Russian backed fighters in 2014 during the Russian / Ukraine conflict? It was carrying scientists who were on their way to the Global AIDS Conference. Since the Obama admin time Russia has been invading its neighbors, passing LGBTQ discrimination legislation, and overseeing the torture and removal of LGBTQ people in Chechnya, a Russian Republic. Except now since 2016, Putin & Russia have an asset in the White House who will do Russian bidding from the Oval Office. Hope you’re talking to your families about what these hearings mean for the safety of a Russian Government backed United States. Can’t wait to get back on stage for some stand up comedy & gay rage recapping this week! See you tomorrow Charlotte! 📸   @ruthlessimagery  


Jonathan Van Ness

Always on a journey doing my best ⛸⛸What’re you doing? 🏳️‍🌈


Jonathan Van Ness

You know, the holidays can always bring up one’s need for a little extra support. I’m letting   @amazon   Alexa be my support this year.   #AskAlexa     #Ad  


Jonathan Van Ness

A catalogue of slayed looks from tour last week 😍🏳️‍🌈 Can’t wait time see you Charlotte NC (sold out) Atlanta (both shows sold out) Miami (tix avail) & Orlando (first show sold out, tix avail for late show) Get your tickets to see my new show & some new material! Can’t wait to get out there again! Standup up comedy, gymnastics, a fun night awaits! Thanks   @blacktresscomedy   for opening last week!   #roadtobeijing  


Jonathan Van Ness

Working on strength & focus 🥴 holding handstands AFTER the workout w   @alecsmith8  


Jonathan Van Ness

How’s your Movemeber going? If there’s man in your life who’s struggling with their mental health, testicular or prostate health it’s time to destigmatize chatting about these issues. If you’re someone who is having a tough time in relation to these issues reach out to be heard & find some support. There is no shame in the seeking support game 💕💕   #movember  


Jonathan Van Ness

How is technology affecting our sense or self & interactions with eachother I got to ask & meet the most incredible person   @drdoreendm   - take a listen to this weeks   #GettingCurious   link in bio - For more on this weeks epsisode, updates from past guests & news stories we are watching follow   @curiouswithjvn     @curiouswithjvn  


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